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___Born in a small town in Idaho, Gabe was born into a renowned bear fighting family. And though he upheld his family lineage for more than a decade, a rigged fight involving poisoned bear claws left Gabe in the hospital for a day or so. In that time, without any bears to fight, Gabe began a love affair with video games. And so he left the Bear Fighting League  to pursue his own dream. This unfortunately meant that he was disowned by the family and promptly beaten with barbed rebar until his dashing looks were pulverised out of him

____And so...

___An eccentric eccentric, Gabe went off to created the most time consuming, resource intensive shmup. He wanted something that could absorb all of his dumb ideas, so that the only thing left was good and  profitable entrepreneurial endeavours. .

Game Artist, Level Designer,  Lead Programer,  Marketing Executive and QA Bitch Tester.