This Project is not dead butt...
It became something different all together. The worlds are being designed first and I hope to incorporate them into an exhibit I am developing. But that exhibit takes priority right now and includes a few other potential games. I like making worlds. 

So this project is on hiatus until I establish alternative forms of income. I just make sure I have some sort of financial safety net before I even begin working on non-paying high commitment projects. So for now, will feature any new work I make.

Wow, So it has been a long time
It is just that I have a lot of other projects going on right now (mainly crying and drinking)
But I am going to make a half-assed attempt at this soonish
I just want to get finish some other things that I have started. Start some other things that I won't finish. And then take a 6 month break before reviving this project. 

Sweet. That's exactly what I wanted to happen. 

@*#&*   &#$*($  *@#8 time flies by!
Um so to be honest. I fell into kind of a rut. 
And then I had my big vacation come up so I had to do that. It was awful. There was a wedding involved. It wasn't even a fun affair like a Red Wedding sort of thing. It was more like a pent up familial issues type of an affair. The food was pretty good though.

Anyways. So I will start updating more on a regular basis (or not, I don't know) . I think a good place to start is by maybe having regular news come from Tumblr and have this site be more typical of a game website.  But, I will have a Tumblr widget to have the updates here as well.
    That's all for the next 4 or 5 months,
   Gabe Moats of Gabe Moats

So. ..
the holidays hit and then I decided to take a break learn Blender and to focus on traditional work. Then I ended up building a new pc.  And with a new pc came the ability to play new games. ...

There will be a lot more updates after I finish one more day in Stardew Valley. I can quit whenever I want to I just choose not to at this moment

   07/29/15 thru 08/03/15
I am updating the site to include more stuff.

I am going to update this site today and then only work on the game during the weekends for a bit. I want to focus on more traditonal and freelance work, and I can't do that without allocating some time to doing that.  

My kitten woke me at 2 am this morning. Fortunately, that allowed me to add a bunch of new content to the site before I had to get to work at 430am . 

Gabe:  Today I launch this site as a tribute to my greatness and my monument of my love for everyone . I know that what content this site will hold in the future will bring about world peace, ice cream for everyone and the resurrection of OIJSuuuDKiiJK the god of fears.